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Rem Wrap 3M® Breathable Camo for Firearms & Accessories

Rem Wrap 3M® Breathable Camo for Firearms & Accessories

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Rem Wrap 3M® Breathable Camo for Firearms & Accessories

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Product Details

Camouflage dipping firearms and accessories is expensive and permanent, and many camo tapes sold today often end up trapping in damaging moisture or leaving sticky residue behind after removal, defeating the benefits of protecting your firearm and allowing for quick modification. Rem Wrap 3M® Breathable Camo is the safer and smarter solution for camouflaging your firearms and hunting equipment, applying to virtually any of your gear from stocks to scopes, mounts, lighting, optics, video cameras, range finders, cell phones and iPads.

Made using extremely durable, breathable 3M® medical grade tape, Rem Wrap easily conforms to contoured surfaces to deliver the appearance of a dipped finish, while protecting against corrosive rust damage caused by trapped moisture. Without leaving any sticky residue behind on your valuable guns and accessories, removing the adhesive to apply new patterns for your next hunt is simple and painless.

Rem Wrap is offered in most popular camo patterns and available in two application sizes: (10) sheets cover firearms up to 52 inches, (3) sheets for other accessories and gear. Each sheet dimension is 6-3/4 x 4-1/2 inches.

  • Durable, quick and safe camo modification and protectant for firearms and accessories
  • Anti-corrosive, breathable 3M® medical tape won't hold in moisture
  • Easily conforms to contoured surfaces of your guns and gear
  • Sheets can be cut to any shape offering endless application
  • Available in a wide variety of popular camo patterns
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